"My vision is toChange
The World
one presentation at a time"

- Emma Bannister -

Telstra Business Womens Award

Growing up in a small town north of London, the ‘big smoke’ was never far from view. Emma designed presentations for banks that traded in high standards and fast deadlines. Their expectations ignited her ambition, leading her to bigger and bluer skies. Emma arrived in Australia in 2002.

Knowing intelligent visuals packed a powerful punch; Emma took her passion for presentations one step further, launching Presentation Studio from her kitchen table in 2006.

Fast-forward a decade: Presentation Studio has grown to over 20 staff – all equally passionate about presentations and believe storytelling can transform the way people and companies communicate.

As the CEO Emma is no longer a “designer”; instead her creative skills are applied to visualising business ideas and plans for the company’s future.

Here’s an example of how Presentation Studio transforms the written word into a powerful visual communication piece.

Why is Emma passionate about
transforming presentations?

Sitting in presentations is usually the best time to check emails (guilty). Sadly this is a missed opportunity for everyone. Hours, days even weeks are wasted creating lack lustre PowerPoint’s that are largely forgotten. If every presentation was creative, powerful and memorable, the positive impact on a company’s revenue would be enormous. That’s my vision.

I am proud that Presentation Studio is one of Australia’s leading disrupters and experts in the world of presentations. A presentation is your most influential business tool; it’s worth investing your time and energy to get it right, every time.

Emma Bannister

Founder & CEO, Presentation Studio

A presentation expert, Telstra Business Women Award 2015 and 2016 finalist, Emma is passionate about changing presentation culture.

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