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By Presentation Studio April 26, 2017 //

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Pinch Punch Financial Year Budget

Pinch and a punch, it’s the start of the month, which means only two months until the end of financial year.

Many people find this time of year filled with challenges and headaches – there’s just not enough hours in the day for you to finalise current projects, get your budget in order for the new year and somehow pull all of that info together in an influential and polished presentation for your Board and stakeholders.

How do you balance day-to-day tasks with hitting report deadlines? How do you use up your leftover funding, which if left idle will soon disappear, but in a productive and worthwhile way?

How do you do all of this and secure your 2017–2018 budget with an influential and polished presentation?

You don’t have the time to spend on all of this – but we do!

It’s all in the presentation

The key to a successful budget report is in the way you present your information – which is exactly what we are experts in!

If you can take your stakeholders on a compelling journey, through your ebbs and flows, you’ll find your audience responds with enthusiasm and support.

You’ve done the hard yards getting to this point, now let us transform your carefully researched content into an engaging narrative that your stakeholders will have no choice but to back you on.

Take the time pressure off of you and give us what we are good at.

Use your funds for a future date

Our new pre-billing system can help you address the headache of idle funds.

Book a job in with Presentation Studio now, and you can park your funds for the future.

We can lock in any type of job (from budget reports to investor pitches or keynote presentations) a later date when it suits you, and you will avoid the hassle of having to justify an additional cost next financial year.

Book now

Not only will you feel satisfied that your current budget report is in safe hands, but you will have the added comfort of knowing that next year’s presentation work is locked in and ready to start when you are.

We create exciting and memorable presentations – from budget reports to keynote speeches – that inform and entertain every time, now or in the future.

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