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Stories with Presence

Write. Design. Train.

We're storytellers specialising in
Presentation Writing, Presentation Design and Presentation Training.

We create presentations that are influential, memorable and successful.

In an over-paced, hectic world an opportunity to communicate face to face with your audience is a rare opportunity to advance your career and grow your company.

Whether it’s pitching for new business, motivating your sales team or giving a keynote speech, we’ll ensure your presentation is influential, memorable and successful, in three specific ways.

How we do it?

Presentation Content


Do you want to hear a presentation or like me to tell you a story?

When an audience becomes immersed in your story they drop their barriers and open to your message.

Our specialised content writers will transform your presentation into a good story, well told.

Presentation Design

Visual Design

Would you rather read the words or watch the story?

Images instantly attract your audience’s attention, create emotional impact and keep your audience engaged.

Death by PowerPoint can be avoided by integrating visual design within the presentation.

Presentation Delivery


Presentation skills are rarely taught – yet crucial in business communication.

Get a competitive edge by learning how to deliver a winning presentation.

We customise training workshops to your needs and your team.

BookVisual Thinking

Visual Thinking will help you transform the way you think, communicate and influence with your presentations.

Book Information

Presentation Book Visual Thinking

"I’m excited to share my book with you!"

Emma Bannister

Emma Bannister

Founder & CEO of Presentation Studio

News & Downloads

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Write and deliver a powerful presentation with the help of my new book

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Presentation Studio Host their First Event, Connect Breakfast

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Presentation Trends, so far in 2017

Presentation Trends, so far in 2017

posted at 12/09/2017 3:44:37 PM As we charge towards the end of 2017 we thought it would be a great opportunity to see what presentation trends have dominated this year. Read more
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